Condiciones de uso

ÖGON Designs products have a 2 year international warranty against all manufacturing defects subject to normal use and compliance with the instructions for use recommended by the brand.

We recommend that ÖGON Design products do not come into contact with keys or other metal products so that the aluminium is not scratched.

The ÖGON Designs guarantee does not cover damage resulting from accidents, inappropriate handling or use (falls, shocks, etc.) or from normal wear and tear and ageing of the product.

Contact our after-sales service by email indicating: the product concerned, the date and place of purchase and the defect encountered.

Attach proof of purchase of the product and/or photos showing the product's defects to your email.

The guarantee includes the replacement of the product in question by a new product and the shipping costs for sending the new product. You are responsible for the shipping costs of returning your defective product.