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Capacity of ÖGON wallets

How many cards can I put in my ÖGON wallet? The card holders and wallets are designed to hold between 7 to 24 cards and papers. The capacity depends on the models, the thickness of the cards (embossed cards,...). If you have difficulty closing your product, it is because it is too full. Do not force it closed. Card holders with a capacity for up to 7 cards and bank notes : - the 3C - the i3C - the Code Wallet Card holder with a capacity for up to 8 cards and bank notes : - the Cascade Wallet Card holders with a capacity for up to 10 cards and bank notes : - the Stockholm - the Stockholm V2 - the V2 Carbon - the Stockholm Money Clip - the Quilted Button - the Big Stockholm Wallet with a capacity for up to 15 cards and bank notes : - the Quilted Passport Card holder with a capacity for up to 24 cards and bank notes : - the Quilted Zipper In order to reply to the different needs of our clients, we offer products that can fit different size documents : Products that can hold the French ID card (or documents with a maximum size of 10,6 x 7,7 cm) : - the Big Stockholm - the Quilted Passport - the Carbon Passport Clip Products that can hold a passport : - the Quilted Passport - the Carbon Passport Clip Products that can hold coins : - the Coin Dispenser - the Quilted Zipper - the Quilted Passport


Where do the materials used to make ÖGON wallets come from?

ÖGON Designs has chosen to use onlypremium materials of the highest quality for the manufacture of its products. We source the highest quality materials from around the world.

We usegrade A aluminum from Korea. The aluminum is dyed with Japanese pigments, known to be of very high quality.

The anodizing is done in an ECO certified factory that recycles its waste.

The leather used for the Cascade Wallet is genuine leather from Italy.

The carbon fiber products are made in France, by a company specialized in carbon fiber used in the aeronautics industry.

All products are then reworked and/or assembled in our premises in Normandy (France). The quality control is also done in our premises.

RFID Protection

What is " RFID safe "?

All ÖGON products, thanks to their aluminum shells, act as mini Faraday cages. They stop the magnetic flux and protect your cards from demagnetization and remote data theft. Having developed this security technology more than 10 years ago, ÖGON is the forerunner in this field.

All ÖGON models are RFID Safe certified and protect your CB from hackers


How do I clean my ÖGON wallet?

Aluminum or carbon fiber card holders can be cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner

Leather products do not require any special care.

After sales service

Is my product covered by a manufacturer warranty?

The ÖGON Designs products have a 2 years international warranty against
all manufacturing defects under normal use and respect
of the instructions for use specified by the brand.

The guarantee ÖGON Designs does not cover
damage resulting from accidents, handling or use
inappropriate (falls, shocks, ...) or wear and
normal aging of the product.

Contact our after-sales service by e-mail at indicating: the product concerned, the date and place of purchase as well as the defect encountered.

Attach to your e-mail the proof of purchase of the product and/or photos showing the defects of the product.

The guarantee includes the replacement of the product
by a new product and the shipping costs for the sending of the
new product. The shipping costs for the return of your defective product
are at your expense.

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