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Ögon Design

For over 20 years, we've been constantly innovating to reinvent traditional leather goods. Our wallets meet everyone's needs, combining quality, craftsmanship, style and functionality.

Aluminium wallets

A concept born in Sweden. The brand's founder, Thomas, spent many years living in Sweden. It was there in Stockholm that he came up with the idea of a rigid wallet inspired by cigarette cases, and the first aluminum wallet model was born in 2002.

Made in France

Our wallets are designed and assembled in our Évreux workshop and warehouse. A team of 10 people motivated to improve your daily life by offering you ever more innovative models.

Matériaux de haute qualité

Les matériaux qui composent nos produits sont tous sélectionnés avec soins et de la plus grande qualité. L'aluminium possède de multiples vertus : cet alliage en plus d'être léger, résistant et inoxydable, est 100% recyclable.

  • Recycled & recyclables materials

    Did you know that the aluminum in our wallets is recycled?

    Indeed, without compromising on the quality of our materials, we have always used aluminum, of which 70% de this alloy revalorizes the aluminum from selective sorting.

  • Environmentally-friendly production

    From the outset, ÖGON has always been an eco-responsible company, mindful of its environmental impact and always behaving

    Our constant concern for quality enables us to produce long-lasting objects that will be with you for many years to come.

  • RFID Protection

    Ögon was the first to offer wallets with RFID protection.

    Protection against data theft and contactless payment fraud immediately became part of our DNA, and all our products are RFID Safe.

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