Aluminum card holder : the original VS the copy

Nowadays, counterfeiting does not only affect the big luxury brands but absolutely all possible products. A good product or a good design is always copied.
Our iconic aluminum wallet model, STOCKHOLM, born in the early 2000s, is an original creation of Thomas M., the founder of the ÖGON brand.

The arrival of the first aluminum wallet on the leather goods market was a small revolution. And will seduce men and women thanks to its minimalist and practical design.

Following the success of the model, the first imitations appear in 2010 on www.Alibaba.coma website well known for selling almost exclusively copies.

Three years later, the whole Internet is drowned under an avalanche of ÖGON copy ads, almost no model is spared.
Be careful, counterfeiters do not deny themselves any trickery to deceive the consumer, the most common being the use of photos of real Ögon products, with no relation to the goods that will be sent.

Faced with the extent of the phenomenon, ÖGON even entered the Museum of Counterfeiting in Paris in 2014.

Then the counterfeiting became more organized and we saw the appearance of a whole bunch of fake brands trying to imitate our original concept of aluminum wallet: Aluma wallet, Metasafe wallet, Card Holder seen on TV, Clöudz...


When you see copies at 3€ you might think it's a good deal... But not at all...
It's not only the technical and design know-how that makes the original much better, it's also the quality of the materials, their density, their treatment, the adjustments, the precision of the molds and tools used.

The comparative video below speaks for itself.

The copy looks like the original but has absolutely no quality or functionality.

No really, a copy and an original are not the same...

Consumers and the planet are the victims of these imitations from China.

Of course, only Ögon models provide solidity, reliability, impeccable finish, guarantee and eco-responsibility.


Registration of models and brands

Of course, all our models, being original creations, are the subject of numerous registrations: trademarks, models and patents at the international level. The anteriority and paternity of the Stockholm model is no longer to be proven by numerous judgments .

Customs seizures

Since 2014 the Customs have largely contributed to clean the market of all these Chinese slavish copies and really they have found them everywhere: markets, gadget shops, Christmas markets, but also at well-known brands like Gifi, La Foir'fouille, Aldi, Auchan, Carrefour, Casa, La Chaise Longue etc..

Every year since 2013 Customs seize and destroy more than 100,000 pieces of counterfeit goods.

Legal actions

Over the past ten years we have had to go to court very often to stop these infringements. The courts have always recognized the original creation, the anteriority, the slavish copy, the infringement of copyright.

At the beginning of this year 2021, it is the company Casa which has just been condemned to stop the marketing of copies and to pay a big indemnity to ÖGON Design.

Do not hesitate to report copies to us at the following address: and our legal department will take over to have these counterfeits removed from sale.

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