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SMART CASE | Sequoia

SMART CASE | Sequoia

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Printed aluminium

SMART CASE | SequoiaSMART CASE | BambooSMART CASE | Carbon Serge EffectSMART CASE | Skulls

Anodised aluminium


Vegan leather & Recycled polycarbonate

SMART CASE | Snake BlackSMART CASE | Mock BlackSMART CASE | Lozenge BlackSMART CASE | Lozenge BrownSMART CASE | Mock BrownSMART CASE | Simili Full Black

Money Clip

  • Aluminum wallet / card holder
  • Practical, compact, resistant and very light
  • Capacity up to 10 cards + receipts + bills
  • RFID Protection: protects your cards against fraud
  • Aluminum is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean
  • Printed aluminum

Our iconic model, the Smart Case Original, was the first designer wallet made of aluminum, opening new horizons in the leather goods market.
Compact, lightweight and very practical, this card holder opens with one hand and cards are visible and accessible in the blink of an eye

The Smart Case Original is, like all ÖGON models, RFID SAFE. This means that it protects your cards from data theft. This principle also protects your magnetic cards, subway tickets, etc. from demagnetization.

You will certainly find the Smart Case Original that suits you among the range of plain metallic colors or in the collection of trendy prints.

And if the warmth of leather is a must for you, the Smart Case Original is also available in aluminum covered with leatherette for a Vegan Friendly product!




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Smart Case 11 x 7,4 x 1 cm

Size of the cards (max): 9,8 x 5,6 cm

The +

Quick and easy access to your cards-designed to open with one hand.

Protection from RFID theft - Your cards are protected from electronic data theft.

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Protection RFID

The first designer wallet made of aluminium

This unisex wallet is available in many colors. The Smart Case aluminum wallet will keep your documents organized with its fan-shaped design and protect your cards from data theft.

Aluminium de haute qualité

High quality aluminium

The high quality aluminum of our product will protect your cards and avoid damaging them.

Rangement facile

Easy storage

It has exceptional organization with a fan shape style opening so you can see and choose the cards you need in a blink of an eye.

Protection RFID

RFID Protection

The aluminum shell of ÖGON Design wallets is an effective protection against hackers, no one will be able to reach your card data and steal your personal information.