We made the first RFID wallets in the world without doing it on purpose!

The RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) is an electronic process which allows tobe identified more quickly and more simply in stores, in airports, in public transport, etc.
It is generally materialized by chips, integrated into everyday objects.

If this technology was mainly spread in North America and Japan, it now exists in France, and is bound to develop in the years to come.

Its use can be very practical in everyday life, especially to save time (thanks to contactless payment for example), but it also appears that the security conditions of RFID chips are worrying to say the least.

Our RFID Safe technology combined with our design products has already convinced thousands of users worldwide.

The problem of securing intangible data is becoming a major issue in our modern societies. Many media have already relayed this information.
You will find in this video extracts of reports explaining the risks of this technology.

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How to protect your information?

If you have a device with an RFID chip that puts you at risk of fraud or identity theft, you can try to reduce the risk until the RFID waves are encrypted one day.

All Ögon Design products have been RFID Safe certified for more than 10 years already.

Their unique design allows their shells to act as Faraday cages. Thanks to this, waves from transceivers cannot reach the contents of your wallet.
This principle also protects your magnetic cards, subway tickets, etc., from demagnetization.

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Protection contre le vol de données

Why is RFID a security issue?

The radio waves emitted by an RFID chip are used to identify a person. They can for example authorize a payment. The problem is that these radio waves are not protected by any encryption. So in theory, the first passer-by who brushes against one of your RFID chips with a simple phone equipped with an NFC chip, can pick up its signal, read it, store it, and even copy it, within seconds.
In which case, any dishonest person equipped with this system can
pretend to be you, since they have a duplicate of your
RFID chip.

RFID chips are not just for bank cards. Other objects such as passports, transport cards, access badges, are also equipped with them.