New: our new model the Smart Case V2 Large

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A lot of you asked for it, it has finally become a reality.

Discover our new model: the BIG V2

fermoir en métal

New metal clasp

+ unbreakable, intended for intensive use
+ prevents from opening if falls
+ Naturally antibacterial thanks to its specific alloy

compartiment caché

Hidden compartment

In addition to our distinctive PVC divider, we have added a hidden compartment with a carbon finishing.

This compartment will allow you to safely store: receipts, coins, key, identity card, driver's license, banknotes etc.

trappe finition carbone texturé

Compartment flap : textured carbon surface

trappe avec fermoir renforcé

Compartment flap with reinforced metal clasp

Nouveau look

New look

More urban and contemporary lines signed by our Designer Eric Berthes

We have also reworked the appearance of the aluminum shells using an innovative matte painting process: "powder paint" which combines a deep matte finish with a sanded texture pleasant to the touch

and new colors!

Ultra compact

The challenge was to make all of these improvements while keeping the original size of the BIG STOCKHOLM.

Bet acheived : the BIG V2 is as compact as its predecessor.